IDiverSE had the opportunity of being present in the Science on Stage festival 2019 where over 500 participants from 32 different countries came together to share innovative education ideas. Over 200 projects where exhibited in a fair, where teachers did an amazing job in explaining and demonstrating their innovative and engaging projects. The Estoril Congress centre, in Cascais, Portugal, was full of colours and ideas, and everyone seemed to always walk around with a smile!

On stage performances proved how talented teachers are! They sang, danced, played piano, guitar and Ukulele, performed theaters, etc. Students climbed on stage to dance and perform and filled the auditorium with inspiration.

Several workshops were held by the teachers, by NUCLIO and by the sponsors. Airbus foundation and Google were amazing participants sharing great resources that teachers and student can use in class. We saw Martin Hendry present gravitational astrophysics and cosmology to teachers in such a simple way and Gernot Groemer, analog astronaut, explaining how to build a space suit!

As for IDiverSE, we had 50 teachers participating on our workshops, hosted by NUCLIO, where the IDiverSE project and methodology were presented and teachers were invited to participate and take the project back to their countries.

IDiverSE was one of the supporters of the festival and it was completely worth it! The next festival will be on Czech Republic in 2021 and we hope that this article inspires all our IDiverSE teachers to participate in the contest!

See below some nice pictures of the festival 🙂