Islands Diversity for Science Education

An innovative project that brings together powerful tools and engaging learning methodologies

Personal Geography

Expressing thoughts, ideas, dreams and concepts learned through an artistic expression

Community Projects

Solving community problems and sharing solutions with the community in an engaging and interactive way


Learning the power of looking deeply into a problem and coming up with real and applicable solutions to solve it

Collaborative Inquiry

Collaborating with students from different parts of the world

IDiverSE in ICERI 2019 conference

From the 11th to the 13th of November, Priscila Doran from NUCLIO travelled to Seville to be present at the […]

IDiverSE in Science on Stage 2019

IDiverSE had the opportunity of being present in the Science on Stage festival 2019 where over 500 participants from 32 […]

IDiverSE at Science on Stage Festival 2019 in Portugal – 31st of October to 3rd of November

[Portuguese below] IDiverSE will be present in the Science on Stage festival 2019 edition in Cascais, Portugal!! IDiverSE is sadly […]

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