School Network Alerts Citizens (SNAC)

Join the SNAC community and have access to real-time data from seismograms placed in different countries

Citizen Science Monitors Volcanoes

Join a network of schools that monitors volcanic activity and join in common projects

DIY papercraft Spectrometer

Build your own papercraft spectrometer and discover the colorful properties of light through its different sources. Adapted from by José Gonçalves (NUCLIO)

Espectroscópio em papel

Constrói o teu espectroscópio em papel grosso e descobre as divertidas propriedades coloridas da luz nas suas diferentes fontes. Adaptado de por José Gonçalves (NUCLIO)

The "Web-of-Life" game

Play a fun game to discover how the web-of-life works and how all living beings are connected and dependent on each other Adapted by Priscila Doran (NUCLIO) -

O Jogo: A Teia da Vida

Jogue um jogo divertido para aprender a importância da "Teia da Vida" e compreender como todos os seres vivos dependem uns dos outros. Adaptado por Priscila Doran (NUCLIO) -