Globallab is an online platform where students find small projects to collect data and collaborate with other students from all over the world. Check the IDiverSE globallab quick projects and participate!

Bees for the future

Students interview their families and experts to assess the level of awareness related to the bee population decline and to discover what is the status of bee communities and their protection where they live.

UV levels around the world

Students collect data to discover if ultraviolet radiation is the same level at the same time across the globe and if people are aware of how to protect themselves from this radiation?

Our restless Earth

Students collect data and design a citizen's alert program to help their municipality raise awareness among the local community about natural hazards and how to be protected from them.

Marine Litter

In this project students use the OSPAR protocol to collect litter at the beach and separate according to category. By doing this, students not only clean their local beach but they identify the main sources of litre so as to create effective solutions to decrease it.

Moon Journal

In this project students will observe the Moon every day for one Month and create a Moon Journal with their drawings of the Moon of each day. Students will compare their drawings with those of students from other places of the world.