The IDiverSE team will be present in the Eco-Schools regional meeting in Madeira on the 27th and 28th of October. During the event, the IDiverSE team will host a workshop related to the project where the methodology, the activities and the expected outcomes will be discussed. On the second day we will have a fun field trip in one of the beautiful “levada” trails, experiencing one Science Trial.

More specifically, our workshop will be running in Porto Moniz on the 27th of October, from 9h30 pm to 1 pm with the following programme.

  • Personal Geography mapping: “Me in my island, my island in me” – Discovering learning outcomes, thoughts, ideas, memories, dreams, feelings that usually go unnoticed or are disorganized through artistic methods.
  • Project presentation: “What is IDiverSE?”
  • Practical IDiverSE activity – discovering the power of Design Thinking and Inquiry-Based Learning.
  • Interdisciplinarity: “The added value of working as a team”
  • Science Trails: what they are, why they matter and exploration of a station – “where is my island in the world?”

More information here.

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