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Name: UV light: friend or foe?

Author of this activity: Priscila Doran ( with the contribution of Maria Celestina Henriques

Main topic(s) that includes: The sun, Light spectrum, UV radiation and health

Student age: this activity has two versions: 5th to 12th grade and kindergarten and primary school (see documents for the teachers)

Brief description (1 to 2 paragraphs): In this activity students will learn about light and UV radiation. They will understand that UV rays are very important for human health but can also pose a threat. Upon learning this, students will discover the level of awareness of their community and create strategies to raise their awareness for the benefits and dangers of UV radiation and how to behave towards it. During the process, students will learn important concepts such as the Sun, the scales in the solar system, light spectrum, how different animals see the world in different ways, etc.

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Teachers’ documents: Download the guidelines and support documents of this activity

Subject domain(s): Biology, physics, health

Keywords: UV radiation, Sun, Health

Materials needed:

Big Ideas of Science:      Earth; Energy, Cell (to learn more about the big ideas of science click here).

Ideas for interdisciplinary collaboration:

Biology: Animal vision, human biology, vitamin D, Health

Environmental Sciences: UV rays and climate

Health: UV radiation and health – vitamin D, Cancer

Psychology: People’s habits and relation with the Sun, depression caused by vitamin D deficiency

Physics and Astronomy: The Sun and other stars, Scales in the Universe, Light, Light spectrum

Arts: Light spectrum and colours

English: collaboration among islands of different countries requires the English language