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Name: Restless Earth

Author of the activity: Eleftheria Tsourlidaki (

Main topic(s) that includes:Environmental Sciences, Geography, Ecosystem, citizen protection

Brief description: Our beautiful planet is constantly under transformation. Sometimes, changes occur over a very long period of time and we barely note them. Some other times however, transformations are the result of massive and devastating events. In this activity we explore some of Earth’s most intense and overwhelming events; volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. We will reflect on the impact of these natural phenomena on humans and their societies. You will also be challenged to design a citizens’ alert programme in order to raise awareness in the local community and help your municipality in preparing citizens for such events.

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Subject domain(s): Environmental Sciences

Keywords: Volcano, Earthquake, Tsunami, natural hazards, citizen protection

Big Ideas of Science:     Energy; Earth (to learn more about the big ideas of science click here)

Interdisciplinary collaboration ideas:

Biology: ecosystems, natural hazards effects on living organisms

Physics: Waves, energy propagation and transformation

Chemistry – Geology: Volcanic gases and materials

Mathematics: Logarithmic scales, diagrams

Geography: Terrain features related to Earthquakes and volcanoes

History: Historic events related to major natural disasters

English: collaboration among students from different islands may require the English language