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Name: “Design Thinking With the Moon”

Author of the activity: Gustavo Rojas, Rosa Doran, Priscila Doran (NUCLIO)

Main topic(s) that includes: Astronomy, Planets, Moon, Earth, Constellations, Geography

Brief description: In this project, students will be invited into connecting to the Moon cycle by observing the Moon appearance and position in the sky during one month. Students will be creative and artistic, creating a Moon journal with drawing made from the moon every single day (with exception of cloudy days) and will compare their results with those of other students from different regions of the world. Throughout the process students will raise questions about the configuration of the Earth-Moon-Sun system, think about eclipses and take some conclusions about the shape of our planet.

Subject domain(s):  Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Geography, Mathematics, English.

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Keywords: Astronomy: Earth-Moon system

Competences: Collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, information literacy, problem solving, social skills.