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Name: Bees for the future

Author of the activity: David Sousa (; Priscila Doran (

Main topic(s) that includes: Biodiversity, Web-of-life, Pollination, Environmental Sciences, Bees,  Ecosystem

Brief description: Students will discover what is the importance of bees for human life as well as for the whole ecosystem and will investigate how their communities and the communities that live in other islands are behaving towards bees. Bees are a major contemporary science concern, as they are necessary for the pollination and consequent reproduction of most of the plants that we eat (and that the animals that we eat use to feed as well) and their numbers have been decreasing at a fast rate. Considering this, students from the different islands will learn about the problem and collaboratively figure out solutions to improve community awareness and conservation strategies in the islands.

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Subject domain(s): Biology, Environmental Sciences

Keywords: Bees, Biodiversity, Ecosystem, Pollination, Extinction

Big Ideas of Science:    Evolution; Earth; Energy (to learn more about the big ideas of science click here.

Interdisciplinary collaboration ideas:

Biology: ecosystems, biodiversity, bee’s behavior, etc

Mathematics: Beehive mathematical patterns, Fibonacci sequence

Environmental Sciences: ecosystems, pesticide use, protecting bee populations

Health: Harms of pesticide use for animals and humans

Psychology: People’s habits and relation with the environment, willingness to change, etc.

Economy: different agricultural practices and their impact on economy, impact of bee extinction on economy, etc.

English: collaboration among students from different islands may require the english language