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What is IDiverSE?

IDiverSE is an Erasmus + project that aims to provide teachers with the tools, knowledge and support to lead students in the exploration of innovative methodologies. These include collaboration between different islands of the world, the discovery of important global and local issues and the creation of practical and effective solutions to promote community development and awareness.


What does it mean to be an IDiverSE school?

1-Implement the IDiverSE activities with your students

Have access to already-made activities that will guide you and your students through fun and interactive simulations and very engaging learning experiences. Find guidelines to support you and your students through the whole process.


Through these activities you will:


Open the school to the Community

 Turn your work into something valuable for your community



Work with your students on important topics of your island and create relevant work with the community and for the community


Implement Design Thinking in your practice


Feel, Imagine, Create, Share

Lead your students through the 4 steps of the Design Thinking methodology to travel to the heart of your community and create relevant and work.

Communicate and collaborate with schools from different islands of the world 

Coordinate your work with the work of teachers of other islands, exchange ideas, create connections and share outputs




Guide your students in collaborating and communicating with students from other islands, collecting data in the same platform, sharing results and conclusions from their work and exchanging community best-practices.

Promote the development of key 21st century skills in you and your students

Get experience in Inquiry-Based Learning, Design Thinking and Interdisciplinarity


Give your students the opportunity to actively search for knowledge, think critically, solve problems, learn how to collaborate and communicate with others, be creative and develop a sense of tolerance and respect for others. 

2-Create Science Trails in your community


  Guide your students while they apply what they have learned in the creation of a Science trail, exploring the science that surrounds them and based on local cultural references that characterize their island. 


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This project runs in partnership with:

OSOS - Open Schools for Open Societies

PLATON - Promoting Innovative Learning Approaches for the Teaching of Natural Sciences

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