Short-term activities are designed to be implemented either as stand-alone lessons or in the framework of project based learning.  They can be implemented by one teacher or in collaboration among teachers from different disciplines. In case you implemented one activity already, we would be very glad if you could give us your feedback about it, using the feedback button below. Thank you and good work!

Bees for the future

Are bees important in your life? What would happen if bees disappeared? Learn while playing games and exploring virtual research labs. Be the change in your community!

Natural Disasters

Did you ever experience a natural disaster? Did your family? Play a game to see how much you know about being prepared for it! Help your community be prepared for such events!

Plastics in the ocean

What happens to plastics after we discard them? What happens if they end up in the Ocean? Discover how your community behaves toward plastics!

Stars in the sky - do they matter?

Do you ever look at the stars? Do you think they can be useful? Discover how your ancestors used the stars and if your community still cares about them!

Soil for life

What is the difference between a healthy soil and a "dead" one? Are soils worth protecting? Discover this as much more!