Long-term IDiverSE activities, are a set of activities designed to be implemented throughout the year in an Interdisciplinary, project-based, framework. These activities follow the same steps of the short-term activities, however each of the steps include more in-depth focus and can accomodate a longer period of data-collection as well as data-collection in different phases of the year. Long-term activities can be implemented as by team of teachers, involving different disciplines, each focusing on the activity through a different perspective. All activities will involve student collaboration from different islands and the creation of a final output that is relevant and directly applicable in the involved communities. In case you implemented one activity already, we would be very glad if you could give us your feedback about it, using the feedback button below. Thank you and good work!

Using constellations to infer the shape of the Earth

Is the sky equal everywhere on Earth? Is the Earth flat or a sphere? What does your community thing about these questions? Discover all this and bring astronomy knowledge to inspire your community.